Serial Sperm Donor (2021)

Ari Nagel is a math professor at the City University of New York who donates his sperm to women across the world. He sometimes meets women in public spots, such as Target stores, to hand off his sperm to them and other times travels across continents to deliver them; the reason he was visiting Owerri, Nigeria. Mr. Nagel, who lives in Brooklyn, said he has 52 biological children, with 13 on the way. Women have flown him all over the world for his sperm, including to Israel, Southeast Asia, Ghana, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria; they pay his travel expenses, but he gives them the sperm for free. He believes his mission is to help women have babies.

Photographs by KC Nwakalor

Story by Jacqueline Mroz

Location: Imo, Nigeria

Client: The New York Times


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