Pastor Momoh heads to the pit where the peace diamond was found. info
Landscape image of the Koryadu village. info
The pit where peace diamond was found in 2017. info
Portait of Pastor momoh with some of his diggers. info
Pastor Momoh joins some of his workers in the pit. info
Minners seives through dirts in search of diamonds and other precious stones. info
Some pieces of diamonds in the hands of a diamond dealer. info
A group of Local Musicians perform their newly composed song about the peace diamond. info
artisinal minners in Miema 3 community in kono district. info
Artisinal minners in Miema 3 community in kono district. info
Samuel Nkoroma, Deputy director Solid Minerals takes Ezi Rapaport and team on a tour of the National Minerals Agency (NMA) in Freetown. info
Labourers clears out a  proposed site for construction of a health care facility for Koryadu community. info
Pastor Momoh visits an ongoing project in the community by the government. info
Pastor Momoh in front of a local church in Koryadu info
Portrait of the digger that found the peace diamond. info
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